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Stepping into Open Heaven


My life was Hell.


From homelessness to being ill with enlarged tumours in my body. My mind was steep in depression and my soul was plagued with fear. Emotionally, I was shattered.  


Everything changed from September 2013. I had an encounter with Christ and stepped into the realm of Heaven.


I was in deep meditation at the time. With an intense feeling in my palms, there was a radical shift in the vibrational frequency. A shift in the atmosphere. The sights and sounds, a fragrance in the air, with trees and pathways laden with gold.


It was a reality that was far beyond the 3rd dimension. An experience that changed me forever. 


I brought back with me, the blueprint of Heaven in my DNA. I had become brand new.


Weekly Meditation Downloads (audio version)




Weekly Meditation Downloads (audio version)


Weekly Group Coaching (Limited to 9 per class for up to 1.5 hours)






  • Weekly Group Coaching (Limited to 9 per class for up to 1.5 hours)

  • Private coaching every 2 weeks to track your weekly progress.   

  • Daily Meditation Downloads (audio version).    

  • Free hardcopy of the book 'Through The Golden Door'




  • Weekly Group Coaching (Limited to 9 per class for up to 1.5 hours)

  • A customised 'Blueprint to Heaven' Plan. Designed based on your core purpose to help you achieve your destiny.   

  • Weekly 30 min calls to measure your progress and to ensure that you are always aligned.   

  • Daily Meditation Downloads (audio version).    

  • Free hardcopy of the book 'Through The Golden Door'

Through The Golden Door

Get one copy of the book FREE with the GOLD and DIAMOND Plan.

Through The Golden Door by Tahira Amir Khan

"This book came to me at the right time. This book inspires me to look within myself to find answers and personal and spiritual strength. It is ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ but at another level, at a more intellectual paradigm.


I encountered ideas and hypothesis which can take me to another level of thinking. There are moments when I go back and re-read some passages.


The book is filled with scientific knowledge but they are presented in way so as to be easily understood by a layman like me."


~ Madeeha Niazi, MSc

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