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"My life was Hell. From losing everything to being ill with enlarged tumours in my body, my mind was steep in depression, my soul was plagued with fear.

Emotionally, I was shattered.   


Everything changed in September 2013. The appearance of stigmata and a face-to-face encounter with the Lord. 


In March 2014, I reached the pinnacle of my supernatural experiences when I stepped into the realm of Heaven. With an intense feeling in my palms, there was a radical shift in the vibrational frequency of the atmosphere. The sights and sounds, a fragrance in the air, with trees and pathways laden with gold. 


It was a reality that was far beyond 3D. An experience that changed me forever. I brought back with me the blueprint of Heaven in my DNA. I had become brand new.

Tahira Amir Sultan Khan

The Miracle Messenger

About Tahira

Tahira Amir Sultan Khan is a multiple award-winning poet and author of the bestselling book 'Through The Golden Door', and inspirational KeyNote Speaker. 


Awarded the ASEAN Lady of Excellence in 2017, she was nominated for the Tallberg Snf-Eliasson Leadership Prize by prominent Singapore Government and Academics (2021). 


She was the first female President of the Mobile Alliance Singapore, an initiative of the International Enterprise Singapore (2014)


She is Founder of Golden Door - Truth & Integrity of the Written Word, featured on the New York Chronicle and Business Insider as the World’s First. 

As she discovered the Golden Door of Truth, she transformed to become a Renaissance woman who interleaved spirituality, philosophy, geometry, quantum physics, symbolism, biology, ancient wisdom, poetry, literature and prophetic art.


The Golden Door global movement elevates Truth-writers to become Truth-creators for the manifestation of the Heavenly Blueprint for the New World.


She has been recognised by Singapore's Ambassador-at-large to the United Nations, Prof Tommy Koh, as a Visionary, and was recently


Her nom de plume : Tahira Amir Khan

Hashtag : #TahiraGoldenDoor

The QUANTUM GLORY Meditations conducted by Tahira healed her from migraines that had adversely affected her life for years.

A Testimony by Lisa Dover, United Kingdom

The NEW HUMAN program gave her a like-minded tribe she could be part of and learn from.

A Testimony by Kellyanne Wright, Brisbane, Australia

Discovering her Core Purpose and transforming to tap on to the 5D reality in the NEW HUMAN program. 

A Testimony by Samera Qoberi, Toronto, Canada.


Weekly Meditation Downloads (audio version)




Weekly Meditation Downloads (audio version)


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  • Private coaching (Up to 2 hours) once a month to track your monthly progress.   

  • Up to 2 hours Weekly Group Coaching on "Becoming The New Human"

  • Daily Meditation Downloads (audio version).    

  • 1 hardcopy of the book 'Through The Golden Door'




  • Daily Group Meditation and Intention Setting for the Day (fixed time daily except weekends) 

  • A customised 'Blueprint to Heaven' Plan. Designed based on your core purpose to help you achieve your destiny (updated monthly).   

  • Up to 2 hours Weekly Group Coaching on "Becoming The New Human"  

  • Private coaching (up to 2 hours every fortnight) to personally guide and measure your progress and to ensure that you are always aligned.

  • Daily Meditation Downloads (audio version).    

  • 1 hardcopy of the book 'Through The Golden Door'

Through The Golden Door


Get one complimentary copy of the book when you sign up for the GOLD or DIAMOND Plan.

Through The Golden Door by Tahira Amir Khan

"This book came to me at the right time. This book inspires me to look within myself to find answers and personal and spiritual strength. It is ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ but at another level, at a more intellectual paradigm.


I encountered ideas and hypotheses which could take me to another level of thinking. There are moments when I go back and re-read some passages.


The book is filled with scientific knowledge but it is presented in a way so as to be easily understood by a layman like me."


~ Madeeha Niazi, MSc



Discover the "Gold" in you. 


The Carbon to Crystalline Theory in the book "Through The Golden Door". Watch this video!

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